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We are about all things air pollution.

The company was founded in January 1988 with its primary goal of servicing the growing field of source emission monitoring, which entailed the measurement and reporting of industrial stack emissions. This is still one of the main cornerstones of the company with a dedicated and qualified team of five, with plans to expand this team in the near future.

The company expanded into equipment sales in 1993 when a distributorship agreement was signed with API (Advanced Pollution Instrumentation), today known as Teledyne - API. Over the years, several more international suppliers have signed distributorship agreements with C&M Consulting Engineers, and we will continue to grow our distributorship based on the following criteria:

  • Technology - the technology must be advanced and suitable to our market;

  • Development - continuous development must be in place in order to grow the product offering;

  • Factory level training - where required, the supplier should have a documented factory training program in place where our technicians can get hands-on experience in the functioning, servicing and repairs of the equipment;

  • Accreditation - where applicable, the manufacturer and the technology should have the required international accreditation in place such as ISO, US EPA, TuV, EN, etc.;

  • Support - although we endeavor to have our service technicians factory trained, a dedicated support platform is always an advantage.

Our technical services have grown into the largest department within our company, employing nine ​qualified service technicians.

Fast forward to 2006 - C&M Consulting Engineers establish themselves as a SANAS accredited calibration laboratory (ISO 17025) for the calibration of ambient gas analysers as well as the OPSIS range of continuous emission analysers. We have grown our calibration capacity since 2006 to where we currently employ five certified metrologists to service our clients' calibration needs, and we are looking at expanding the offer further. Now, as we approach 2021, we are almost ready to apply for the same accreditation for our source emission measurements.

The growing importance of data management has allowed us to expand our data offering to our clients through the design and installation of our own in-house data center. Over the years, we have grown our data department to four dedicated and qualified data specialists that work hand-in-hand with the technical department to ensure the highest possible data availability and integrity to our clients.

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