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Take a couple of minutes to ask yourself two extremely important questions:

  • Are you sure what the air quality / emissions measurement data that you are reporting to authorities, is accurate, valid data?

  • If required, can this data be defended in a court of law?

It is written into the South African constitution that you have the right to clean air. Whether reporting data for ambient air quality, or emissions from an industrial industry, you may be faced with the prospect of defending your data in court.

At C&M Consulting Engineers, our accredited calibration laboratory knows and understands the implications of having accurate, valid data reported. We understand that it starts with the accuracy of measurements being completed by your instruments.

Having a SANAS accredited calibration laboratory (Facility number: 1508) since 2006, we perform internationally recognised, internationally traceable and internationally accepted calibrations on gas monitoring equipment in order to provide you the peace of mind that the data you see, is a true reflection of what you are measuring.

Now ask yourself once again. Are you prepared to stand in a court of law, without an accredited calibration certificate in your hand, trying to defend the data you have reported?

If this question leaves you with an earie feeling, contact C&M Consulting Engineers to feel the ease of mind that comes with accredited calibration services.

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